Veeam Backup Sizing Tools

Are you planning a Veeam Backup deployment? Do you want to improve jobs’s settings? Keep in mind these sizing tools:

Virtual Architect

This tool help you to calculate the hardware resources you need, according you environment. Shows you the recommended RAM, cores,  proxies, repositories, jobs and so on.

  1. You can use the web interface Virtual Architect (under construction), or you can download the full calculator on excel format in
  2. Web:
    • Configure your environment settings in Input tab:
      • Number of VMs:  VMs that you need to backup.
      • Backup window: time you have to backup your VMs.
      • VM data in TB: all VMs data.
      • Data reduction rate: compression/deduplication percentage
      • Change rate: daily data change rate percentage
      • Repository details: disks and RAID
      • VMs per job: number of VMs per job (average)
      • Headroom in %for peak performance: available extra resources
      • Concurrent jobs: number of simultaneous running jobs
    • Click on calculate VBR requirements
    • Check the results in the next tabs:
      • Roles sizer
      • IO sizer simple
      • IO sizer detailed
      • Repository disk-space
        • See The Restore Point Simulator section in this post.
  3. Excel (full version

The Restore Point Simulator

This tool help you to calculate the size of each backup. Very useful to determine the Repository Size or the Retention Period.

The Restore Point Simulator

  1. Configure your job settings:
    • Style: Incremental, Reverse, Backup Copy Job or VMware Replica.
    • Used Size GB: how much data is being used in production?
    • Retention Points: how many restore points do you want to keep?
    • Change Rate: how much data changes between backup periods?
    • Data left after reduction: how much data will be left after data reduction (mainly compression)?
    • Interval: Daily or Every X Hours.
    • Time Growth Simulation: the first parameter defines how long you want to run the simulation. The second parameter defines the yearly data growth in percentages.
    • Specific: days/months you are planning to execute full backups (synthetic or active).
    • After all the parameters are completed, yo can click the Simulate button.
  2. Then you have the results and the estimated size of each backup point.


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