What’s New in Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5

Zerto released Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5. Here you can find the most important features and enhancements


VMware VSphere

  1. Event VM restored from/to snapshot: Zerto triggers a warning event every time a protected VM is restored to an older snapshot.
  2. vSphere version 6.5 is now supported.
  3. ESX 6.5 Update 1 is now supported.


  1. 12x faster recovery times (RTO).
  2. New AWS Regions.


  1. Replication Out of Azure for Failback, Protection and Recovery of Production Workloads.
  2. NICs and Cores Validation:
    • Checks that there are enough available Cores in the subscription.
    • Checks the number of NICs attached to the protected VMs.
  3. Azure Tagging: Unique Zerto tags for better management and easy tracking of costs and consumption.


  1. Better performance and error handling.
  2. SCVMM 2016 is now supported.


  • Database: when the user selects to use the embedded database, SQL Server Express LocalDB is now installed, instead of SQL Compact Edition.
  • APIs
    • New ZVM APIs:
      • VPG Settings when Creating VPGS from vCD to vCD.
    • New ZCM APIs:
      • Manage ZCCs.
      • Service Profile.
      • Sites.
      • Resources.
      • ZORG permissions.
      • ZORG ZSSP credentials.
      • Supporting APIs.
  • SaaS
    • Zerto Mobile: Tablet Apps and Widgets
    • Zerto Analytics: You can now access information on your environment status using the new Zerto Analytics.
    • SaaS APIs: Zerto now exposes SaaS information through APIs.
  • Infrastructure
    • Checkpoints: Improvements were made to enable more efficient management and use of the checkpoints.
    • ZVM now identifies every time a protected VM is restored to a snapshot, and registers an event accordingly.
  • Upgrade: when upgrading, a new window appears, with the option Auto-Upgrade VRAs enabled by default. With this option enabled, the VRA upgrade will run automatically.
  • Security: to increase security for Cloud Service Providers offering DRaaS, the ZVM communicates with the ZCC using private/public key.



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