Zerto – vSphere: VPGs are for Services, not for VMs

To design Zerto VPGs, you should focus on Services, not on VMs. Once you know the services, you can validate the VMs to be sure that VPGs have all necessary dependencies.

From the infrastructure approach, when designing VPGs, the first question usually is:

  • Which VMs should be in each VPG?

However, this question may not be the most appropriate, since protecting virtual machines is a consequence of the primary objective: To Protect Services!

From the end-user point of view, it is not important how many VPGs are configured or how many VMs are protected. The only thing that matters is that the service is active. To achieve this, I invite you to think backwards, starting with this question:

  • Which are the business critical services?

Once you have this information, you can ask the following questions for each service:

  • Which applications make up this service?
  • In which VMs are the applications?
  • Which dependencies does each VM have?

Many times, Virtual Infrastructure Administrators do not have visibility of all the services/apps that run on the VMs. Likewise, Services/Apps Administrators , also do not have a total visibility of the infrastructure. For these reasons, in addition to the information provided by the administrators, it is important to use complementary tools that can consolidate and improve this information, to ensure that all dependencies are taken into account.

Fortunately, VMware simplifies this task with a very useful tool that allows you to know all dependencies between VMs, so that you can ensure the protection of services, including all the necessary VMs:

VMware vRealize Infrastructure Navigator: is an application awareness plug-in to the vCenter Server that provides continuous dependency mapping of virtual machines applications across your environment.


You can find more information about VMware vRealize Infrastructure Navigator in this post: VMware vRealize Infrastructure Navigator – Installation, Licensing, Configuration & Administration


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